Pack Meetings (All Grades)

We meet once a month on Thursdays at Coal Mountain Elementary School. On occasion we meet on a different day and/or location for special events.

Den Meetings (Grade Level)

Each den determines when, where and how often they meet. The Lion's (Kindergarten) usually meet once a month on their own, while the other grade levels typically meet twice a month.

The Program

At each grade level, Scouts work towards achieving their rank badge by completing a set of required and elective adventures.

As they get older the go more in depth with the following topics: Character Development, Citizenship, Community Service, Conservation, Faith, First Aid & Safety, Leadership, Outdoor Skills, Physical Fitness &  Team Building.

Lion Badge of Rank



TIGER logo color


First Grade

Wolf rank logo color


Second Grade



Third Grade

Webelos Oval Logo color


Fourth Grade

Arrow of Light

Arrow of Light

Fifth Grade