These are just some of the commonly asked questions, we can’t answer all of them here so please don’t hesitate to reach out if your question isn’t answered here. There is also a larger list of Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) available from Scouts BSA.

How do you ensure a safe program for Boys & Girls in Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouts has a very strict Youth Protection Training that every leader and volunteer must complete. A Scout should never be alone with a leader or volunteer without someone else present. In addition, each Scout must complete the parent’s guide to safe scouting (PDF) in order to earn their rank.

How does your pack work with Girls?

Dens are smaller groups of 6-10 scouts broken up by gender. For example, if we have both girls and boys in the Second Grade we would create a Wolf Den for the Girls and a separate Wolf Den for the boys.

Pack meetings consist of all Dens and typically occur once a month in a larger setting. Family camping is usually twice a year with one in the Fall and one in the Spring. During camping trips Scouts are to stay with their families. It’s not until Scouts get into Webelos that the Dens will go on camping trips without the rest of the pack.

For more questions regarding the inclusion of Girls into the Scouting program here is a wider Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) which addresses many concerns/questions.

How much does it cost?

Membership – The 2019-2020 school year membership fee was $63 + $3 for insurance which covers 12 months of membership. Cost of joining may vary based on the time of year when you join.

Dues -?To cover the costs of awards and recognition, crafts, and special events our dues are $100/year.? We do offer opportunities to conduct fundraisers to offset these costs.? Dues are established by the families in the pack through the pack committee.

Uniform – The uniform is a method of delivering the Scouting program.  It shows that you are a member of a team.  Each grade has a specific uniform for their program, more information available here

Handbooks – Each grade level has a specific handbook they use.  Handbooks are about $17 and are used for the year.  Handbooks have all the required and elective adventures for each rank.  Handbooks also serve as a Scout?s record of completing adventures.

Activities – Additional activities such as overnight camp outs, field trips, day camps and resident camps have additional costs associated with them.  These costs differ based on several factors.  Detailed information can be provided by the local pack leadership.